National Museum of Scotland – Collections

Now I’ve finished gushing over the architecture of the museum I suppose I better say a little about the actual content of it.


The museum contains an eclectic mix of artifacts spanning a number of different themes and 16 gallery spaces. Even though the collection is vast ranging from fighting peacocks to bug cars to totem poles, the collections are united in showing Scotland as a nation of inventors, entrepreneurs and explorers.

“every object here tells a special story related to the ways in which Scotland went out into the world from the eighteenth century”

The interpretation methods throughout the exhibitions really made the collections engaging for all. Sometimes the over use of interpretation methods like games, digital displays and text aimed at a younger audience can make you feel like you’ve stumbled in to a children’s history lesson, but here they seem to really hit the mark and cater for all demographics.

2013-03-28-09-08-49_deco[1] 2013-03-28-09-09-17_deco[1]

light house lamp

2013-03-28-09-11-06_deco[1]  2013-03-28-09-21-58_deco[1]       2013-03-28-10-49-42_deco[1]

world cultures

2013-03-28-09-10-18_deco[1]  2013-03-28-09-12-38_deco[1]

design and technology

2013-03-28-10-44-21_deco[1]    2013-03-28-10-50-17_deco[1]

natural history